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By consulting with their faculty adviser (or the division adviser for PSL students)* throughout their academic program, students can ensure conformity to program curricula and regulations, select coursework to best meet professional goals, and stay on track for timely completion of their academic program. (Note: For many procedural questions—regarding registration, for example—students [except those in PSL] should consult with an academic program coordinator rather than their faculty adviser.) Faculty advisers are assigned to each student [except those in PSL] upon admission to a program. Advising may be done in person, by phone, or by email.

*Note: PSL students can contact the division adviser by calling (410) 516-9900.

When to Seek Advising

All students are encouraged to consult with advisers whenever they have program-related questions. Specific advising situations can also include:

  • Prospective students are encouraged to speak with the academic program coordinator or the faculty contact designated for each academic area of emphasis, or the division adviser (for PSL programs), prior to submitting an application.
  • Newly admitted students are expected to speak with their faculty adviser (or division adviser for PSL students) to set up a program of study prior to registering for their first class.
  • Graduate Special Students (Non-Degree) students should contact the Office of Admissions (410-516-9797) prior to applying. (Note: Graduate Special Students (Non-Degree) students wishing to register for courses above the .500-level must receive the approval of the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs (or designee)).
  • Matriculated students who have not registered for a course in more than a year should consult with their faculty adviser (or division adviser for PSL students) prior to registering for additional classes.
  • When planning courses in their concentration area, students should schedule appointments with their faculty adviser prior to registering for advanced-level graduate coursework.
  • Students on academic probation or suspension are required to meet with their faculty adviser (or division director for PSL students) prior to re-registration.