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Transfer of Credits

Transfer of Undergraduate Credits

Undergraduate degree applicants may transfer credits for courses taken at accredited institutions of higher education when a grade of C or above has been earned. Transfer credits will be viewed in the context of the student’s proposed program of study. Transfer credits will be judged as appropriate to the student’s program by the program director.

A student may also receive credit by achieving a minimum score, as determined by the School of Education, on Advanced Placement (AP), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), or DSST examination programs approved by the American Council on Education’s Center for Lifelong Learning.

A maximum of 60 credits may be transferred into an undergraduate degree program in the School of Education, including credits by examination. Decisions regarding the acceptance of undergraduate transfer credits are made by the Division of Public Safety Leadership’s admissions committee and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Prospective students should request a preliminary transfer evaluation by calling the Division at 410-516-9900 prior to submitting an application.

Transfer of Graduate Credits

The maximum number of graduate credits earned at another accredited college or university that may be transferred into a graduate certificate or master’s program in the School of Education varies by program, but in no case shall exceed three credits for graduate certificates and six credits for master’s degrees. For doctoral programs, the maximum number of transferable graduate credits allowed is 36 credits for the Ed.D. program (42 credits in certain cases) and 12 credits for the Ph.D. program. Graduate-level credits that were earned as part of a bachelor’s degree program cannot be transferred into an SOE graduate program.

In most cases, for graduate certificate or master’s programs, the School of Education will normally only accept transfer credits for courses taken no more than five years prior to a student's acceptance into the program. The final decision regarding whether or not to accept graduate transfer credits, whether earned externally or internally (i.e. via another School of Education or other Johns Hopkins University graduate program), into a School of Education certificate or degree program rests: 1) (for applicants) with the respective program admissions committee, or 2) (for enrolled students) with the faculty adviser or major adviser (for doctoral students), and will be decided upon on a case by case basis. Only graduate level credits earned at the grade of “B” or above (or equivalent) may be transferred into a School of Education graduate degree or certificate program.

A matriculated graduate student in the School who, under extraordinary circumstances, wishes to take a course offered by another institution to satisfy School of Education degree requirements must obtain written approval in advance from the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs (or designee). Approval is granted only in exceptional cases.