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A student who expects to receive a degree or certificate must submit an Application for Graduation Form and graduation fee of $175. If earning both a certificate and a degree in the same academic year, only one graduation fee of $175 needs to be paid. 

Students who are planning to graduate by May 2017 must apply for graduation using the online graduation application form, which is available through SIS Self-Service. Students should use their JHED ID username and password to access the online graduation application form. The link to the application is in the Registration menu under the Program of Study Information. All students, regardless of whether or not they plan to attend the ceremonies, need to complete this application for graduation approval. The graduation form is also available online at and at all campus locations.

The application must be submitted no later than the start of the student's final semester of coursework. (See the application deadlines at the end of this section.) Students must complete separate applications for each degree and/or certificate they expect to receive.

Applications should be mailed or faxed to 410-516-9817 with the appropriate graduation fee to:

Office of the Registrar
Johns Hopkins University
School of Education
ATTN: Graduation
6740 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 110
Columbia, MD 21046-2100

Students who are planning to graduate should complete all coursework on time and should not request or receive the grade of "I" (incomplete) during their final semester.

Approximately one month after the semester begins, students who have submitted the Application for Graduation Form receive confirming letters from the graduation coordinator. Their names are placed on the tentative graduation list for the semester in which they anticipate completing their degree/certificate requirements.

The Johns Hopkins University confers degrees at the end of the summer, fall, and spring semesters. The commencement ceremonies are held in May. The May commencement brochure will include the names of those students who applied to graduate by the designated deadlines for the 2016-17 academic year. (See the application deadlines at the end of this section.) Students who submit graduation applications after the spring semester deadline may need to wait until the end of the following semester to have their degree conferred.

Students will have the choice of having their diplomas mailed to them approximately two weeks after the May commencement ceremonies, or they can attend the commencement ceremonies and pick up their diplomas at the conclusion of the ceremony. (Note: students in certificate programs will receive their diplomas via mail.)

Ceremony information is sent to those on the tentative graduation list at the beginning of March. To receive their diplomas, students must pay all student accounts in full and resolve all outstanding charges of misconduct and violations of academic integrity.

The deadlines (which are also listed in the Academic Year Calendar) for submitting the graduation application form and fees are as follows:

SemesterApplication Deadline
SummerMay 27 (conferral date August 26, 2016)
FallAugust 26 (conferral date December 30, 2016)
SpringJanuary 3 (May 23, 2017)

Note: Johns Hopkins diplomas indicate the degree qualification and major without identifying the student's concentration.