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Seeking a Qualified Physician/Mental Health Professional

For assistance in selecting a qualified professional:

  • Ask what his or her credentials are
  • Ask if he or she has ever worked with a postsecondary disability service provider or with the agency to which you are providing documentation
  • Ask whether you will receive a comprehensive written report

*For the learning disability professional, ask what experience he or she has had working with adults with learning disabilities.*

**For the ADHD professional, ask what experience he or she has had diagnosing adolescents and adults; whether he or she has training in differential diagnosis and the full range of psychiatric disorders. Clinicians typically qualified to diagnose ADHD may include clinical psychologists, physicians, including psychiatrists, and neuropsychologists.**

In working with the professional:

  • Take a copy of the guidelines to the professional
  • Encourage him or her to clarify questions with the person who provided you with these guidelines
  • Be prepared to be forthcoming, thorough, and honest with requested information
  • Know that professionals must maintain confidentiality with respect to your records and testing information

As follow-up to the assessment by the professional:

  • Request a written copy of the assessment report
  • Request the opportunity to discuss the results and recommendations
  • Request additional resources if you need them
  • Maintain a personal file of your records and reports

These recommendations and guidelines for documentation were developed to assist you and your health care professional to prepare the information needed to evaluate your specific disability.

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