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Financial Aid

What to Know Before Applying for Financial Aid

Students are responsible for reading and understanding the contents of this Web site and other material received from the university in addition to complying with all deadlines and regulations. Students must apply for financial aid each academic year.

The Financial Aid Process

  1. Complete the "How to Apply" process each year. Although our academic year begins each summer and ends with the May mini session each spring semester, you should begin the financial aid application process in January each year.
  2. Check the progress of your financial aid file by using your self-serve account. You will need your Johns Hopkins ID in order to log into the secure system.
  3. If you have questions about information on your self-serve account, please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions at 410-516-9808, or Fax: 410-516-9799.

Contact Us

Financial Aid Office
Columbia Center
Suite 110
P: (410) 516-9808
F: (410) 516-9799