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The Financial Aid Office establishes priority deadlines for each semester:

  • April 1 for the summer semester;
  • June 1 for the fall semester
  • November 1 for the spring semester

A priority deadline is defined as the date by which all documents required to complete the students financial file are received, not the day the student starts the loan request process.

Priority deadlines are established to allow sufficient time to process aid applications prior to the start of the semester. It often takes 2-3 weeks for the FAFSA to be processed and another 2-3 weeks to process any needed corrections. While students can still apply after the priority deadline, it may be difficult to process their financial aid awards before the start of classes.

Late applicants should be prepared to pay their educational expenses at the time of registration (i.e., via the tuition payment plan, credit card, etc.) and plan to receive reimbursement if aid is subsequently awarded.

Institutional Scholarships

Students are required to complete the School-based Scholarship Application by April 1 for all programs. Students who are fully admitted to their program after the April 1 deadline cannot be considered for institutional scholarships until the following academic year. Students must reapply for institutional scholarship funding every academic year.

Maryland State Scholarship Program

Students must submit a completed FAFSA by March 1 each year to be considered for Maryland State Scholarships. Keep in mind that the March 1 deadline applies even if you do not plan to begin classes until the following spring semester. State scholarships are year-specific. For detailed information on Maryland State Scholarships, please refer to the Maryland Higher Education Commission web site.

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