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Name/AddressPhone, Email, Web Address
Federal Student Aid Information1-800-433-3243 or (319) 377-5665
Application informationTTY users 1-800-730-8913
Eligibility requirements
Renewal Application Status
Duplicate SAR/IAs
To request a
Complete an Electronic Master Promissory
Help with completing the FAFSA,
loan deferment forms and publications
U.S. Government resources to assist students
in planning and paying for their education
Maryland State Scholarship Administration410-260-4565
Washington, DC Aid(202) 727-2824
AmeriCorps Program (educational awards
in return for community service)
Scholarship Info
Financial Aid
Central Scholarship
Hispanic Scholarship
Direct Loan Servicing Center
(loan information and borrower services)
Direct Loan Consolidation Center
(to consolidate loans)
Social Security
Selective Service Registration
(18-26 year-old males)
National Student Loan Database (NSLDS)
(track your loans, beginning to end - PIN required)

Contact Us

Financial Aid Office
Columbia Center
Suite 110
P: (410) 516-9808
F: (410) 516-9799