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Employer Contract

If your employer will pay for all or part of your tuition, please note the following:

  • You must submit a purchase order or contract from your employer authorizing the school to bill them directly for tuition and any associated fees
  • If the contract does not cover the entire cost of tuition and fees, you are required to pay the remaining balance
  • You can choose to receive an electronic bill or enroll in the monthly payment plan to cover any tuition and associated fees not paid by your employer
  • A faxed copy of the contract is acceptable. Fax to 410-516-9721
  • If your employer pays you directly for tuition expenses, you are required to pay tuition and fees directly to JHU and seek reimbursement from your employer (you can enroll in the monthly payment plan or choose to be electronically billed)
  • Anticipated payments from your employer may take two billing periods before updating to your student bill. If you are responsible for any portion of the tuition and fees on your current bill, payment is expected by that due date

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