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Pay in Person

SOE students may pay in person at any of our three campus locations by cash, credit card or check.

You may submit all payment types at any school location. The university accepts four major cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Credit card payments are not processed immediately. When you pay with a credit card, a staff member will verify that the credit card information on the payment form is complete and forward payment to the Student Accounts Office in Columbia to be processed at a later date.

If you submit a credit card that is declined, you will be placed on financial hold and may be removed from courses for which you are currently registered. Grades may be withheld, and you will be prevented from registering for future courses until your account is in good standing. Payments from students seeking to register may be kept and applied against prior obligations to the university.

Campus Locations (Click link for directions to the building):

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