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Auditing a Course

Students auditing a course are expected to attend class regularly, but are not required to complete assignments, quizzes, examinations and other assigned work and do not receive academic credit, though the course is noted on their transcript. Students who register as auditors pay full course tuition, but the course cannot be counted towards minimum credit requirements for financial aid.

Students enrolled for credit who wish to change to auditor status must submit official add-drop forms (dropping the credit class while adding it for audit) before the appropriate deadline.

Withdrawal/Audit Calendar
Transcript Notation2-day MinicoursesJanuary/May IntersessionsCourses that Meet 6-9 SessionsCourses that meet 10-14 SessionsCourses that meet 15 or more class sessions
No notation if course is droppedPrior to 1st class meetingPrior to 3rd class meetingPrior to 2nd class meetingPrior to 3rd class meetingPrior to 4th class meeting
WD notation if course is droppedFrom the 1st to 2nd class meetingFrom the 3rd to the 5th class meetingFrom the 2nd to the 3rd class meetingFrom the 3rd to the 6th class meetingFrom the 4th to the 8th class meeting
May not withdraw or changeOnce the 2nd class beginsOnce the 6th class beginsOnce the 4th class beginsOnce the 7th class beginsOnce the 9th class begins

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