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Adding a Course

SOE Students who are employed full time are encouraged to take only one or two courses per semester and must consult an advisor before registering for three or more courses at any one time.

Courses numbered .500 and above require an average of three hours of outside preparation for each class hour. Full-time graduate students are those who enroll for nine or more credits each semester. 

Adding a course

To add a course, students must either register online (SIS) or submit an official add/drop form. You need to select a payment method when registering. If a student has previously registered, they may add additional courses, provided that class has not met for the first time via SIS. 

Additional information available at the SOE Academic Catalog

Wait Lists

If the course for which you are attempting to register is full (has met its enrollment limit), you may be placed on the waitlist by going to

Wait list information in the SOE Academic Catalog

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