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Withdrawing from a Course

SOE students are allowed to drop or withdraw from courses, but depending on the timing, may receive a ‘WD’ notice on their transcript or receive only a partial refund of tuition paid.

Dropping/Withdrawing - for both Online and In-Person courses

Students may drop a course without penalty up to the first date of the class in the SIS system. Once classes begin, students may drop/withdraw from a course, but will be charged a pro-rated amount of tuition depending on what percentage of the semester was completed before an add/drop form was received by the registrar’s office. Transcript notation for a class depends on the length of semester and how far into the semester a class has gone before the registrar’s office receives an add/drop form:

Withdrawal/Audit Calendar
Transcript Notation2-day MinicoursesJanuary/May IntersessionsCourses that Meet 4-9 SessionsCourses that meet 10-14 SessionsCourses that meet 15 or more class sessions
No notation if course is droppedPrior to 1st class meetingPrior to 3rd class meetingPrior to 2nd class meetingPrior to 3rd class meetingPrior to 4th class meeting
WD notation if course is droppedFrom the 1st to 2nd class meetingFrom the 3rd to the 5th class meetingFrom the 2nd to the 3rd class meetingFrom the 3rd to the 6th class meetingFrom the 4th to the 8th class meeting
May not withdraw or changeOnce the 2nd class beginsOnce the 6th class beginsOnce the 4th class beginsOnce the 7th class beginsOnce the 9th class begins

Additional information on dropping a course from the SOE Academic Catalog

Additional information on withdrawing from a course from the SOE Academic Catalog

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