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Veterans/G.I. Bill Assistance

Johns Hopkins is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission for training veterans and the widows and children of deceased veterans under provisions of the various federal laws pertaining to veterans' educational benefits. Information about veterans' benefits is available at is an excellent tool offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs as many veterans and active duty personnel can qualify for more than one education benefits program.  This "Road Map" will help you determine what benefit is best for you and how to apply for it.

More information on applying for veterans' benefits and enrollment procedures may be obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairs at

Students eligible for veterans' educational benefits (excluding Post 911, Chapter 33) register and pay their University bills in the same manner as non-veteran students. Reimbursement is made by the Department of Veteran Affairs on a monthly basis. The amount of reimbursement is determined by the student's rate of pursuit calculated by the number of courses taken during a semester. 

Students eligible for Post 911, Chapter 33 veterans' benefits register in the same manner as non-veteran students.  A partial tuition payment is made by the Department of Veterans Affairs directly to the University.  The amount of payment is governed by the student's eligibility established by the VA.  The student is responsible for the remaining tuition.

In all of the above cases, veterans' educational benefit payments cover only a portion of assigned fees.  Questions regarding enrollment procedures for the School of Education may be directed to the VA Certifying Official at 410-516-9816 or at

To obtain veterans educational benefits, a veteran must comply with the following procedures:

Initial Enrollment

  1. The veteran must first apply and be admitted to one of the schools of the university.
  2. He or she then obtains an Application for Program of Education of Training (VA Form 22-1990) from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Forms are available at (Vonapp stands for Veterans On Line Application.)   Once logged in, applicants will find links to various veterans forms required to apply for Veterans Benefits.
  3. After completing the application, the veteran sends it, along with a certified copy of the DD214, Copy 4, to the following address:

    Veteran's Certification Officer
    Office of the Registrar
    School of Education
    6740 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 110
    Columbia, Maryland 21046

The VA will return an official "Certificate of Eligibility" to the student who must submit a copy of the certificate to the VA Certifying Official (address above) or fax to 410-516-9817.


When transferring from another college or university, the veteran must obtain a Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (VA Form 22-1995) from the Department of Veterans Affairs at Submit the completed form to the Veteran's Certification Officer as noted above.

Continuing JHU Student Enrollment

Students are required to email the VA Certifying Official at each semester after they register if they want to use veteran benefits for tuition and fees, including the graduation fee.  A student who received veteran's benefits while attending the university during the preceding semester and re-enrolls with no change of objective needs only to advise the certifying official that re-certification under the provisions of the original VA form 22-1990 is desired.

Students receiving veteran's benefits must pursue a program of courses that leads to the exact objective (normally a degree or certificate) indicated on the original VA application. Any change in program or objective requires submission of a Request for Change of Program (VA Form 22-1995).

Veterans are also required to advise the certifying official at immediately of any change in their program, status or course load that might affect the amount of their monthly payment from the VA. Failure to do so causes the Department of Veterans Affairs to seek restitution from the veteran of a resulting overpayment of benefits.

Students from Other Institutions

Students attending other colleges and universities who enroll for the summer session at Johns Hopkins should request that a letter be sent from the primary institution to the Department of Veteran Affairs stating that the courses and credits at Johns Hopkins are accepted toward the student's degree.

Standards of Progress

Continuation of VA payments is dependent on the veteran meeting the academic standards established by the university for all students, veterans, and non-veterans alike. The veteran also must meet any standards of progress that are or may be established by VA regulations. In the event that the student fails to meet these standards, the benefits are suspended until the VA completes a review of the student's progress toward his/her objective and determines that the benefits may be resumed.

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