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Public Safety Leadership 
This past January 2017 PSL welcomed news students to the following programs
Grad Cohort 23 – MS in Organizational Leadership
Online Cohort 5 – Online MS in Organizational Leadership
Intel Cohort 11 – MS in Intelligence Analysis
Congratulations to the following PSL alumni on current promotions:
Jennifer Aubert-Utz, MSM Graduate (May 2012) becomes the first woman in the history of the Baltimore County Fire Department to attain the rank of Assistant Chief.   
Paul Lurz, MSM Graduate (May 2015) was promoted to Assistant Chief-Baltimore County Fire Department.  In addition to his new role as Assistant Chief, he is also the Deputy Director of Emergency Management for Baltimore County, focusing on citizen preparedness, grants management, and planning. One area of interest is in ensuring that our vulnerable populations are properly served. 
John Schmalberger, MSM Graduate (May 2015) on his recent promotion to Police Lieutenant -Town of Avon Police Department.

New Cohorts Forming:
PSL is currently accepting applications for the following programs: 

BS in Organizational Leadership – August 18, 2017

MS in Organizational Leadership January 19, 2018 

MS in Organizational Leadership Online – January 22, 2018

MS in Intelligence Analysis January 20, 2018

For more information call 410-516-9900