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SOE’s Definition of Civility

“Civility is behavior that demonstrates consistent respect for others, including an effort to understand differences. Civility helps to create an environment within the School of Education where all are valued and can be productive.”

Our hope is that the SOE definition of civility extends outside the walls of the SOE community; educators interacting with students in classrooms and schools, counselors meeting with clients, and public safety leaders working with the community.

“Power of Language”

Power of Language Campaign - November 2013

The SOE Committee on Diversity and Civility (CODC) is open to membership from faculty, staff and students. Last November, the CODC launched a campaign on the Power of Language which received a lot of attention and sparked good discussion.

The  impact of language should not be underestimated. Many of us have been, at some point in time, affected negatively by words or expressions used in everyday conversation. These words and phrases may be said with malice or hate but most often the historical significance of expressions have been lost over time. We may say words or use expressions out of habit and not even be aware that a particular word or phrase can carry an entirely different meaning than intended on others. Regardless of intent, the power of language is an important aspect of building even greater levels of civility and respect for diversity within our school and the greater community.

Currently, the CODC is working on events for the 2015 spring semester.  As soon as they have been finalized, those events will be listed on the SOE Events webpage.





View the School of Education's Civility Guidelines